Let’s change the way we visit restaurants
Save time
  • Place and pay for your order before you arrive at the restaurant
  • Order and pay for take-out dishes and drinks
  • Place an order to be ready by a certain time
  • We make visiting restaurants as convenient as possible
Save money
  • The ability to invite friends to join in on the order to split up payments and have everyone pay for his or herself
  • Bonuses on every order
  • Regular restaurant promos
  • Your payments are protected
How Foodle works
Benefits you will get from partnering with Foodle
  • We will bring you new guests
  • The reserved table is paid for in advance and thus the restaurant has no risk of losing money due to a long-awaited reservation
  • Your business will be advertised online
  • Increased visitor flow thanks to speedier table service
  • Increased service quality
  • Constant communication with customers
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Predictable number of customers during the busiest hours
  • The ability to obtain analytics on all the orders and customers
  • We will instantly notify you if a user is no longer coming or canceled his or her reservation
Partner Scheme
  • The user chooses the restaurant, dish, and places an order
  • The order and table reservation will appear in your admin panel
  • You confirm the order and the table reservation
  • The customer makes the payment
  • You set the table for the customer and await him/her
  • The money arrives on your account at the established time
Users Partners
Our Partners
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